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    Can't open Explorer window from Reader when in browser


      Adobe Reader 9.2.0

      Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702


      I have a PDF that contains a couple of links to folders on a local drive. Whether the document is open in stand-alone Reader or in a Reader plug-in in Internet Explorer, I get prompted as follows when I click the link:


           The document is trying to connect to file:/// (big long path name)

           If you trust the site, choose Allow. If you do not trust the site, choose Block.


      When in the stand-alone Reader, if I choose Allow, a Windows Explorer window opens with the contents of the indicated folder displayed.


      But when in the IE plug-in, if I choose Allow, nothing happens at all. No error, no window, nothing.


      I can work around the problem myself by calling up the Accessibility Setup Assistant in Reader and, on the last page of the wizard, unchecking "Display PDF documents in the web browser."  But this is a document I want to distribute (along with the folders it references in these links, all as part of a software installation), and I can't very well try to teach this workaround to every person who wants to use the PDF.


      What to do?

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          I'm having this same problem also, although you gave me one option in your reply.  I can't get the "Allow" button to work either. I upgraded to Adobe Reader 9.2, and then is when I noticed I couldn't bring up the websites that I usually could before.  I don't really know what you mean about "Stand Alone Option," but I will try to find out.  I also upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, but I'm not sure if this is when the problem started or when I went to Adobe Reader 9.2.


          I used to be able to get "Allow" to work if I opened the document in IE8 and not in AR 9.2, but now that won't even work. I did email the author of a PDF document I was in today in the hopes he would have the answer, but I'm not sure if I got his email address right, so time will tell on that issue.


          I have a "library" of PDF documents, so I would really like to get this problem fixed.  However, I've spent at least two hours on this issue, and I really don't think it has anything to do with Windows Vista incompatibility; I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Adobe Reader, but that doesn't help much given I have emailed support and, of course, have never received an answer.


          I do know there are a lot of people that are having this exact same problem, but no one has an answer to it.  I've tried to do research on this, but I have a lot of "to do" tasks I need to get done every day, so it's not like I have all the time in the world to try and fix this problem.


          I would appreciate hearing from you if you do ever figure this out. My email address is [email address deleted by host] should you find an answer to this very frustrating problem. Warmly, Corinne Larimore [signature deleted by host]