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    Making Markings in .PDF File


      I'm playing a cool game.  It's an old RPG-type game that uses the manual, which I have in .PDF.


      In that .PDF, there's, like, a list of quests and stuff.  I'd like to be able to check stuff off on the page of the book in the .PDF.  You know, as if using a virtual pencil or pen.  So how can I do something like this?  I'm using Adobe Reader v9.2 on an offline computer.


      On a side note: I've tried selecting the text from whatever quest I wanted to mark-off to Copy & Paste to, say, Notepad as a .TXT file.  That didn't work either as I can't seem to select lines of text in this particular .PDF.  But then I put a selection box around the same paragraph of text.  I tried saving it and it saved as a "Scrap".  But the Scrap was just a copy of the entire .PDF except taking up more HD space and having a different icon.  I don't get it!  :/  ???


      Please help!  :O