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    AE7.0 (Std.) and Mac OS 10.6.x....




      Is AE7.0 compatible with Snow Leopard?


      Thanks much,


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If it is, it will require you to manually install Rosetta, which is no longer included by default in 10.6. The rest I do not know as my Mac-Life started with CS3. I doubt you will get a perfect answer on this, anyway. Most users will not use this combination as they long ahve moved on, so most likely you will have to try yourself.



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            D.Healy Level 1

            oh-well... when one retires as I did a while back, that's what happens. Having used AAE since before it was called AAE (COSA-After Effects) it simply seems a shame 7.0 is relegated to the post OSX 10.6.x trash heap.


            thanks again.....