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    CS4 Corrupts the m4v file during export


      I am currently using the trial version of Adobe Premiere.  I am trying to figure out if this is the editing software to use.  I recently bought the Canon 7d DSLR camera and with the most recent patches I can edit and view video files within Premiere with ease on my high horsepower computer.  However, when exporting files to the H.264 Blu-ray format, the final file cannot be read by any software.  If I import the file back into Premiere I get the following message "The importer reported a generic error."  The file does seem to have some meat in it (~628 MB for a 4 minute portion of the timeline).  I did try to export to wmv and after 10 hours it exported the entire file, BUT when I open it in media player, only about half of the movie plays, then it becomes corrupted.  Any thoughts?  This is the third editor I have tried and this one is the most promising.  Vegas Pro ran out of memory after a 2 minute compilation.  Pinnacle Studio doesn't recognize the .mov file.


      Here are the specs.

      Premiere CS4 4.2.1 Trial verison

      Canon 7D .mov files running at 23.976 fps 1920x1080

      Exporting using H.264 Blu-ray (HDTV 23.976 High Quality 1920x1080 (makes unreadable file)



      6GB memory

      1TB mirrored disk

      Intel i7 975 running at 3.33Ghz

      Windows 7 64-bit

      Ndivia 285 Videocard


      Windows Experience Index rating 1 to 7.9 (highest)

      Processor 7.6

      Memory 7.6

      Graphics 7.4

      Gaming Graphics 7.4

      Disk Drive 5.9