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    Get an Error window, The source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files


      Been using DNG successfully for awhile now thanks to Adobe forums after I got my new 7D. Still using CS2 and was finally able to convert from 7D to DNG.


      Just shot wedding in mRAW because needed a little more space than the biggy 18 MP.


      Now, DNG giving me error message that the source folders on my CF cards do not contain any supported RAW files.  What's up? Any thoughts on why DNG can't read the smaller RAW files from the 7D?


      Big question here as this is a wedding to work on and I can't even begin to say how SLOW it will be to have to use EOS Digital Photo Professional compared to ADobe Bridge/ACR. I may just roll over and die.


      A little help if anyone knows why the trouble all of a sudden.