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    Camcorder advice Sony HDR XR200

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Hello  friends !


      My brother recently bought a Sony HDR XR200 Camcorder , I believe it uses Hard Drive to record

      He didn't know how to burn his videos on to a DVD , so he and his family can watch it using a DVD player.

      I ended up contecting his Camcorder to my PC , but realized that the footage are in AVCHD or something a file format that i was not very familiar with b4.


      I had to install the program , which allows the Camcorder to communicate with my PC and allows me to burn DVDs.


      I was reading about how some people were not happy about the editing abilities , when working with AVCHD.


      So, my question is that is that something that he should keep or exchange it with a different Camcorder , which allows to use Mini DVs


      Thank You !