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    Canon HFS10 (AVCHD) not recognized

    MissMoppett Level 1

      Have just upgraded from excellent Canon HG10 (HDD) to this model (has flash memory). Thought I could just go to Get Media and it would recognise. Oh if Life were that simple. Camcorder not recognised, nor in Windows Ex (running XP + SP3). Canon Support suggested was MS problem (heaven help us) not theirs. Eventually used NEW USB lead that came with camcorder and now at least PC recognised it. Why should new lead work while old lead doesn't? However PE7 still won't recognise via AVCHD so have to navigate via "PC folders" to My Computer where HFS10 is listed. Hope this saves someone else a few wasted hours. But hope Adobe crack the more direct method.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A new cord could certainly make a difference if the old one was defective, MissMoppett.


          Though I'm not sure why Windows will recognize the connection and Premiere Elements will not.


          Are you going to Get Media/AVCHD Camcorder and selecting the proper connection from the Media Downloader drop-down?


          (Remember, you can not capture AVCHD by streaming it in. You must use the downloader.)


          If not, it would be helpful if you described each of your steps and where things are not appearing as they should.

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            MissMoppett Level 1

            If the old cord worked two days ago by recognising my HG10 it won't recognise my new HFS10 today. A mystery. Anyway my progress to capture is what I've always done: Get Media > AVCHD > Media Downloader BUT the new Canon is not listed, though it is shown in My Computer. The trouble is having first navigated this time via Folders and into the camcorder (stream) and uploaded the MTS files, on re-opening the project it calls for these MTS files, which I can only satisfy by reconnecting the camcorder, unless I've already deleted the files. This cannot be right.

            Perplexed from UK. (Thanks for your interest).

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You do need to copy the camcorder's files to your computer, MissM. That's why the Media Downloader is the ideal way to work: It copies the files from the camcorder to your drive at the same time as it adds your files to a project.


              If you're just browsing to your camcorder, you'll unlink the connection as soon as you unplug the camcorder. See?


              I'm still not sure what's up with your connection. You say you're getting failures on your USB connection again? Next step would be to see if it's the camcorder or your computer's USB jack that's at fault. (This is least likely to be a software or operating system issue.) 


              Try plugging the camcorder into someone else's computer and still if it acts buggy on it. If it works fine, you may want to look into replacing your computer's USB jack/card. Unless there's something unusual about this connection that you haven't told us yet (i.e., it's connecting through a USB bus that's being shared with a printer or something), it's beginning to look like your USB jack is going bad.

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                MissMoppett Level 1

                The USB connection seems to be fine: now always shows up in My Computer/Win Ex, BUT never in Get Media/AVCHD. I've tried in a different USB socket but makes no difference, but anyway it is recognised if I switch back to my "old" HG10. Something odd going on here. PS I seem to remember you helped someone else recently with a similar problem but my Search hasn't revealed it. I can't feel I'm alone.

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                  MissMoppett Level 1

                  Steve: I have now unearthed the discussion posted on same topic (same model Canon) by Micael Zimmer in October. Except for him on Prem 8 and using Vista (Good Luck), we have identical problems. It would seem that there is something odd about this model that is not being recognised within the Download Media box. But why just us two? There must be a helluva lot of chaps out there with Prem and the HFS10. What are they doing with it? Keeping it in the box?

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                    MissMoppett Level 1

                    For those interested in blood sports, here's the response from Canon Helpdesk (what a misnomer that is), then my reply.


                    Canon can not be held responsible for the incompatibility of our camcorders with 
                    external software applications.While I can understand how frustrating the inability
                    to use this camera with your adobe application will be, there is no known solution
                    from Canon with regards to this matter.I trust that this information meets with
                    your approval,(really?) but should you have any further issues or questions please do not
                    hesitate to contact us again using either the link below or on 0844 369 0100.

                    And my reply:
                    "Does it not bother you that what I suspect is the world leader in video editing
                    software (Premier Elements) does not recognise what I have been told is your flagship
                    prosumer camcorder? I have no influence whatever: surely you have? I already am aware
                    of one Canon user who has migrated to Sony: more could follow. I will certainly post
                    this message on every DV forum I can if no satisfactory result is obtained. It's a
                    ludicrous situation: like buying a car and finding no one will sell you petrol."
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                      It has been more than a month since this was posted as an issue; yet Adobe has done nothing to solve for this problem other than to take the stance of "we're big, you deal with it".   I am flabbergasted because at this point I would have expected that the users before me would have been taken care of by Adobe and that users such as myself would just need to learn the steps needed to make the appropriate adjustments to get Premiere Pro to recognize this camcorder. THAT is my expectation from the industry leaders (Adobe/Canon). 


                      This is purely unacceptable.  I spent 9 hours yesterday trying to get it to work.  It didn't.  The rest of the time was spent using Apple's iMovie which took an additional 3 hours in order to capture 2 minutes of video so that it could be used for editing in Premiere and After Effects (I was doing a keying project).   12 hours later - I am so frustrated because I realize that my project (which will require about 48 hours of footage) will do me in.  Do the math. 


                      Again - this is unacceptable. My only option is to buy Final Cut Pro.  I am not going to do that.  My work-around:  Step 1:  Capture the footage over 3 months.  Step 2:  Check back with Adobe on support.  If abysmal support is received, proceed.  Step 3:  Download the trial version of Final Cut Pro.  Step 4.  Capture video over a long weekend -- trial is only valid for 15 days.  Step 5: Edit in Adobe Premiere.  Step 6.  curse in French which I will need to learn.  Step 6.  Calculate how much wasted time, effort, frustration I have felt.  Step 7:  Send the bill to Adobe and expect no response.  Step 8. Look for other video editing software as budget allows.

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                        MissMoppett Level 1

                        I have vaguely got round this by 1) establish a new folder within Home

                        Movies with the title I want (2) Using the supplied CD Image Mixer check

                        "Preferences" and navigate to the new folder (3) Upload files to this.

                        (4) Open up Premier Elements 7, "Get Media" and browse to this folder.

                        This works but it's still not as simple as it should be.

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                          VDOSurfer Level 3

                          Canon HF100 recognized without any problems on my PE8!

                          Lucky me.

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                            MissMoppett Level 1

                            Hm. After protracted correspondence with Adobe they said they weren't prepared to apply any patch to recognise all the AVCHD camcorders out there (why not?). Not sure if the HF100 you are so happy about is the same as my later HFS10, think not. Anyway there are more than enough bad reports about Prem 8 to keep me well away. I've just spent two days trying to edit a 10 minute video: if it stuck a 100 times that would not be exaggerating. The audio keeps on going but not the video (on Timeline). Even after repeated rendering it still stuck: what a crass program. Finally before uploading to YouTube I got repeated Out of Memory messages, but I haven't altered a thing since the last video I did a week ago. Anyone recommend a better package (PC?). Please.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9
                              After protracted correspondence with Adobe they said they weren't prepared to apply any patch to recognise all the AVCHD camcorders out there (why not?).


                              With CODEC's, one needs to realize that most camera mfgrs. alter these to suit their purposes. They also make changes about every quarter. AVCHD is a fairly new CODEC, and there are probably dozens of "flavors" of it, and each of those is implemented in different ways. There is no commonality amongst mfgrs. and some even change the CODEC model to model. The ultimate solution would be for each camera mfgr. to add their version of each CODEC on a utility disc, so that the user would have it. Now, that CODEC would only guarantee playability and NOT editability. Some editing programs can handle these better than others can. Sony is particularly "clever" in that they develop the CODEC's for their cameras in conjunction with their Vegas editors. What that often means is that only Vegas can edit some, until companies, like Adobe, can get the CODEC's and then write them into their programs, usually with the NEXT release. Adobe, AVID and others, would be issuing an update about every month, if they tried to keep up with the CODEC's developed by the camera mfgrs. Also, too few camera mfgrs. really care about the editability of their cameras' footage - playability is the targeted goal, or just uploading to YouTube, or similar. This leaves their consumers out in the cold, when it comes to editing.


                              Good luck,



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                                MissMoppett Level 1

                                I'm sure you're right, BUT we are talking here about Adobe and Canon,

                                allegedly the current leaders in their respected fields, of whom I hope

                                and believe think globally. My little problem is not confined to UK.

                                Don't they want to sell more kit?

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  Oh, it would be great if camera mfgrs. did work more closely with software companies. The problem is that the camera folk are very busy developing the latest, greatest CODEC's. By the time that they have settled on a final, they are off working on the next one, and tweaking their CODEC's in the process. Companies, like Adobe, do not get to see things, until the release of the new model. Then, they have to decide on certain things:


                                  1.) will we be able to revise the code to allow fill Import and editing?

                                  2.) can we get the CODEC from Canon (in this example)?

                                  3.) will there be a large enough user-base to support our writing/re-writing of code?


                                  A perfect example was PrPro CS4. When it was introduced, there was no AVCHD support, though the then current version of PrE (7, IIRC) did have it. Originally, Adobe decided that it would be more likely used in PrE, than PrPro. It was not until about CS4.1, before AVCHD was added, along with many "fixes." Now, PrPro is on a much longer introduction cycle, than PrE. I would guess that PrE 9 will offer even more support. Will it cover every variation, and newer CODEC's, like Panasonic's new Intra-Frame CODEC? We'll have to wait and see. If PrE 8 does get an update to fix/change other things, it is highly likely that CODEC's will be added, as Adobe has now had a bit more time. With the normal Autumn release of a major upgrade for PrE, it is usually not until the upgrade, that additions are made.


                                  It is the same with OS and OS versions. To develop the programs, Adobe needs some lead time, and more than a beta, or RC, to develop to. Now that Win7 is released, in 2 flavors, it is likely that some form of 64-bit version of PrE will emerge, next, or the release after that.


                                  The exact same thing happens with the various camera RAW schemes. Adobe gets these upon their release, and writes them into the ARC (Adobe RAW converter). There are usually updates at about 6 mos. and they usually add several cameras. Now, processing camera RAW stills is a lot different than editing to a new CODEC - a lot different. Though I shoot Nikons, my wife has some Canons. Her latest had a new Canon RAW format. It just got added to ARC, and I noticed that the newest replacement camera has changed things again. Heck, her's is only about 9 mos. old (having been released about 6 mos. before she bought), and it just made it into the latest ARC. Now, Adobe must add the new one, for the next release. In the meantime, users of that newer camera are stuck only using the Canon software, until ARC can be updated. It is a never-ending process.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    MissMoppett Level 1

                                    Well it keeps them off the streets.

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                                      I've stumbled upon this thread while doing some pre - use research.


                                      It is noted in the CS4 Premiere Elements that AVCHD is  not supported and that you need to own Premiere Pro. Although I noticed one user here did say they had success with Elements, idk why.


                                      Hope this helps the OP or anyone else that may stumble on the thread.

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                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                        AVCHD has been supported in Premiere Elements since version 7, since87.

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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          Yes, PrE actually had native AVCHD support prior to PrPro getting it. For awhile we recommended that PrPro users get a copy of PrE, and then with about CS4.1, IIRC, it was added to Pro.


                                          Good luck,



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                                            since87 Level 1

                                            I stand corrected. I guess that is why someone posted that they did have success.


                                            BTW, I am using this camera with Premiere Pro CS4 and it works seamlessly. I have just used it to import the AVCHD files directly into PPCS4 however it seemed to still be working off the camera. I then went directly into the canon desktop volume and dragged the MTS files directly into my HD of choice on my computer from the AVCD/Stream folder.


                                            Not to hijack this thread (all info is good info as long as its relevent imo) but does anyone know why Premiere's import feature doesn't make a digital copy on a drive even when in the project prefs a folder has been designated?

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                                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                              You'll likely get a better answer on the Premiere Pro forum for this question, Since.


                                              To get into a discussion of Pro here would really hijack this thread!

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                You WILL want to Copy the files over to the HDD. You do not want to work from the camera, or the card.


                                                No to your question - PrPro does NOT make a digital copy of the files. It only links to the location of the files, when Imported. This ARTICLE will give you more background on PREL (PrE), or PRPROJ (PrPro) Project files.


                                                I also agree that one will get much more, in the way of responses, if they post to the PrPro forum. There are not that many folk here, who use both PrE and PrPro. While there are similarities, there are major differences between the two programs.


                                                Good luck,



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                                                  since87 Level 1

                                                  Thanks Bill, I figured that was the case. Immediately after posting my question I disconnected the HF S10, relaunched my project and relinked the files off my HD flawlessly. Sorry for any hijacking but hopefully this sheds some light on the HF S10 and Premiere * to future users. Thanks again!

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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                    Just as you did, others will find this thread, and will likely be helped, if they bother to read down. That is one of the beautiful things about this forum. First, they usually help a poster with an issue, but then they remain to help others later on.


                                                    Recently a new poster dropped by, just to say thanks. They have been coming here for some time, and all of their questions had been answered by previous thread - seems that there were about five. He/she just wanted to point out that all of their problems had been solved, without them ever having to post. Made me feel good.


                                                    Good luck,



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                                                      Hello, sorry to drag this dead thread up.


                                                      I'm wondering if anybody has an answer to this... as I'm trying to "Get Media" from my Canon HFS10 into PrEl 9 and the message I'm getting is: "This device does not contain any supported media."


                                                      The project setting: "Full HD 1080; 30".


                                                      I, too, have a Canon HFS10.


                                                      Is it just that the software won't be able to retrieve it and I'll have to do a workaround to get the footage? If so, could somebody please suggest a good workaround?


                                                      Thanks very much.


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                                                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                                        This thread is nearly a year and a half old, Ted, and deals with issues that may not be related to your specific problems.


                                                        Wouldn't you rather start your own thread so that we can help you with your specific issues?

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                                                          Theomat67 Level 1

                                                          Hi Steve,


                                                          Sorry... I thought my issues were related. On some other forums, it's frowned upon if a person starts a new thread on a topic that had already been discussed. They're sometimes seen as not "searching before posting". 


                                                          I certainly didn't mean to do anything wrong.


                                                          I'll start a new thread.


                                                          Again, my apologies.

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                                                            since87 Level 1

                                                            Theo, Hopefully you haven't fled this thread. Steve really should have read the entire thread and realized that this twice resurrected thread has helped many HFS-10 owners AND realized that some people like me get email notification when a thread is replied to...and therefore may possibly alert a HFS-10 user that help is needed. In addition - you are correct - it is good forum etiquette to search before posting a new thread.


                                                            Anyway, as you probably have figured out mounting your camera is the only way to get the HD Movie files in their native format onto a drive of choice. On a mac I drag the files literally off into my internal/external drive of choice.


                                                            Once on your computer, Premiere and After Effects (CS4+) will both recognize the footage. In AE you even get a thumbnail preview once a composition is made from the footage.


                                                            It should be noted that on a Mac, IMovie will recognize ALL HD footage and import it directly as a .MOV file. I can't confirm that this does keep the HD format but I'm pretty sure it does not.


                                                            Hope this helps.

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                                                              Theomat67 Level 1

                                                              Hi since87,


                                                              Thanks very much for your response. I didn't mean to cause any drama.


                                                              I'm very much a novice (still!) and I'm not sure what you mean by "mounting my camera"? Does that mean connecting it and using Windows to navigate? If so, then I'm a step further in my knowledge!

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                                                                MissMoppett Level 1

                                                                As you will see above I also have a Canon HFS10 and found long ago that Prem El 9 (and 7) does not recognise this model via " Get Media". At risk of repeating myself, steps are to:

                                                                1. Set up new folder within Prem 9 ("home movies?") in title of your choice.
                                                                2. Then use the free Canon CD that came with the camcorder (Image Mixer 3) to download files to the new folder you have set up. (Use "Preferences" to browse)
                                                                3. Finally you can use "Get Media" to navigate to the files already on your PC and it will import them.

                                                                Annoying but there you go. Adobe admitted to me at last that they "keep a list" of recognised cameras, and this model - and no doubt many others - are not there. It's nothing to do with AVCHD or anything else.

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                                                                  Theomat67 Level 1

                                                                  Miss Moppett, thanks very much for adding to the discussion.


                                                                  So, am I to understand, based on your steps you provided, that I create a folder WITHIN the folder that houses Prem 9 itself?


                                                                  Or create a folder anywhere? If that's the case, then I already have a folder on an external drive labelled "Videos". I wonder if I can somehow get the video from my camera to "Videos" (on my external "F" drive), either using Windows to navigate (as suggested by ATR) or the software on the free disk (as you suggested).


                                                                  I wonder how I can start that software (on the free CD) in the event it doesn't start on its own (which is sometimes the case).


                                                                  Thanks again!

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                                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                    You should be able to use that external HDD, and navigate to that folder from either the Canon software, or with Windows Explorer. For using an external HDD, you might want to see this ARTICLE.


                                                                    Good luck,



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                                                                      Theomat67 Level 1

                                                                      Hunt, that's an excellent article and it raises some questions for me.


                                                                      Since it's an article, may I reply with questions there, or is there some other place I can post questions (as I don't want to hijack this thread. )?

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                                                                        MissMoppett Level 1

                                                                        To clarify (this is what I do):

                                                                        1. Open up Windows Explorer
                                                                        2. Create new folder under Home Movies
                                                                        3. Connect Canon (USB), plug in power, switch to scenes mode and open up Image Mixer
                                                                        4. Click Save Files to PC
                                                                        5. Click Preferences and browse to the new folder just created. Download
                                                                        6. Open up Prem El, choose new project and in "Get Media " navigate to the folder you have created. It does work.
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                                                                          Theomat67 Level 1

                                                                          Miss Moppett, thanks for the clarification.


                                                                          So, how do you open up Image Mixer? Or does it normally open up when you switch to Scene Mode?


                                                                          I ask because it sounds like you're doing what I've trained myself to do... but sometimes if Image Mixer does NOT open, I'm wondering if there's an alternate way to open it up.


                                                                          Appreciate the help.

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                                                                            MissMoppett Level 1

                                                                            Usual: double click. (I've plonked a shortcut on my Desktop)

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                                                                              Theomat67 Level 1

                                                                              Thanks, Miss Moppett. Good idea.