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    How to use Kuler?

    pope on acid Level 1
      I send the Kuler link to a customer to choose his favorite colors.

      The customer choosed:
      Creamy Grey, Double Latte, LCD, Stone.

      How can I found the hex codes for this colors please?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi, you can view Hex values in two ways:
          1. On the website, when you have selected the theme you are interested in, hit the button with the three lines on i (the tooltip says "Make changes to this theme..."). You can then view the hex values.
          2. If you will want hex values frequently, it could be worthwhile to install the kuler desktop (AIR) application, where you can copy/paste the hex values to your clipboard.
          Download AIR runtime first:
          Then kuler desktop