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    Audio starts to fade over the course of the timeline




      I'm reasonably new to Adobe Premiere Pro (CS4). I have imported 2 vob files from a dvd. (We produced the DVD, they now want it as a Windows Media File). I thought it would be a simple matter of exporting back out with the defined Windows Media settings, but what I end up with is, the audio is fine at the start of the clip, but over the duration of the whole timeline, the audio has faded down to zero.


      I hope that is a quick and easy explanation. The audio is fine on the timeline when I do the export, however, when I come back in to Premiere after export the audio has faded down again. I have raised the audio, then exported again, I have set my in and out points...I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I am new to working with vob files etc.. so any assistance would be appreciated!


      Thanks so much!


      Premiere Pro CS4