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    Problem with prproj file (Pro CS3 Mac)


      Premier Pro (CS3 Mac) encountered a serious problem (according to the Mac) and closed on me, not before Premier attempted to save the project I was working on. Now when I open that project There is only one Bin and only one sequence in the file. The rest seem to have vanished.


      I have copied the project file and all associated files to another mac and attempted to open on there. It asks me to locate all the files I had in my project, but will not display the project library or any other sequence other than the one I last had open when it crashed.


      Anyone heard of this before? The project file does open but is not workable. Any one know if I am doing something completely stupid or a way I can fix the Project file? I have reset the workspace.


      My Auto save file is also doing the same thing.


      Many thanks in advance.