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    DynamicStream class play2 function and error overriding it

    rexdtripod Level 1

      Adobe made a "DynamicStream" class that looks pretty cool.  I'd like to use it.  The class contains the following code:


               override public function play2(param:NetStreamPlayOptions):void {
                  throw new Error( "The play2() method has been disabled for this class.  Please create a separate NetStream object to use play2()." );


      The compiler complains about this function.  Says "the method marked override must override another method".  It doesn't complain about it if I instantiate class in my main application file.  That's what the sample code in the Adobe productivity tools suite does - uses the class in the main application file.


      If I use it in a custom component file though the compiler complains.


      What do I do with this function if I intend to instantiate the DynamicStream class in a custom component file?