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    RH 8 Crash

    TheCellBee Level 1

      RH 8.0.2



      I consistently receive Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger errors while working in RH. I have deactivated all debugger options in VS, so I simply get an error that informs me that I'm not using a debugger.


      Error: "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in robohtml.exe [1700]. JIT debugging this exception failed with the folling error. No installed debugger has JIT enabled..." The bracket number changes each time the error appears.


      I have researched the issue on the Web and found no solutions/explanations.


      I have had limited success when I restart my computer and delete the cpd, but invariably, the problem arises again.


      There are few red flags in the 'offending' topics. Maybe a bit of canned javascript, but not anything else. Topics seem to be equal opportunity offenders. I created the project from scratch, and I'm confident it's in good structural shape. I am a bit compulsive...


      I know folks have reported JIT errors with RH in the past. Has anyone arrived at a solution or even a work around?


      Please help! Thanks.