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    Finding all instances of an applied effect

    jbaumchen Level 1

      I have a project that was started in CS3. We used the project manager to copy everything over to a directory when it was complete. We upgraded to CS4 and the project needed a revision on several sequences, so we opened it up in CS4.


      The problem is that all the Boris Effects didn't translate with the update and we keep getting errors wehn we open the projects telling us that the effect doesn't exist, so, what we decided to do was to remove all the Boris Effects from the clips, (drop shadow mostly). (We'd contacted Boris about the problem but they were unable to help).


      We've gone through every clip in all sequences to remove the effect but must be missing one somewhere, not hard to do when there's over a thousand elements in the project.


      Is there a way to list all the applied effects in a window, sort of like a windows view of a directory,  with the ability to remove them?




      Oh, and incase someone from Adobe reads this....is it possible to do a subject search that is limited to the forum one is in? I don't want to see effects for flash, photoshop, dreamweaver.........when all I want to see is Premiere....just a suggestion. Thanks.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Boy, that's a good question.


          In PrPro, I know of no "search" feature, but then do not have CS4 - maybe it's been added.


          You might have luck by opening your .PRPROJ file in WordPad, or similar. You'll want to first find a reference to the Boris Effects, to get the XML convention correct, and then do a Find for that/those. Hint: if you, say remove those in the .PRPROJ file, make sure that you are working on a copy of it, or make very certain that you do a Save_As and increment, or otherwise change, the Project's name, so if you do mess up, you have your unaltered original.


          When I've Imported older Projects, that had either Effects, or Transitions that were not available on my installation, I got very good error/warning messages with the TimeCode and pretty good details on what  was missing. Now, these Projects have only had a few older Transitions, or 3rd party Effects, so it was not a big deal to make note of them, and then go in and fix the issues. With the size of your Project and the number of Effects, it could be pure hell.


          Good luck,