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    detect Flex/flash cached

    asden Level 1
      Flex is stunning for apps but the file size limits it's use on general web pages where page loading time is critical (for general web browsing). I think I read that the latest Flash 9 will cache Flex and apps will load much faster of subsequent visits.

      Does this caching apply to Flex itself or does each Flex app need to cached seperately?

      The main question is, can I detect wether it has been cached on a machine? I'd like to display a 'load app' button if it's going to be a first-time (long load time) or just launch straight into the app if it has already been cached.
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          Ivascu Cristian Level 1
          Hi asden,

          What you are referring to is RSL's. Basically these are bits of Flex and your application (if you decide to have RSL's ) that the Flash Player can cache locally on the client's machine. Apart from making sure your application uses RSLs thge process is transparent. You just serve the application as usual and the Flash Player on the client decides whether to use what it already has in cache (if it has it) or download the entire application.
          For more information search in the help and on these forums on RSLs.