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    Rendering while editing vs while exporting mpg file?


      If I render my project while editing it (before exporting it), does it reduce the render time that occurs while I am exporting my final movie to mpg file?


      To me, it seems like the two rendering steps are unrelated.  So for simple projects - with no special effects - it seems it would be faster to NOT render the timeline while editing, but simply export the move.  Is this right? Or am I missing the point?


      [I'm still using PE v2 - it does what I need]

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, yes and no.


          It will make a difference to a point, since the program must digest and assimilate everything you put into it as DV-AVIs before it can output anything. (Even if you're putting in MPEGs and getting MPEGs out, it still becomes a DV-AVI while it's in the program.) So, by manually rendering, you can speed that process significantly.


          But the program will still need to encode the MPEG you're outputting once the DV-AVI rendering is done.