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    Premiere to Final Cut?


      I have a friend who edits with Adobe Premiere on a PC and wants me to finish up a project for him. I'm running Final Cut Studio on a Mac Pro. Is there an easy way to transfer the work that he's done over to my computer without a mountain of headaches? I've read some stuff on EDLs and XMLs, but I've never used either and don't know a great deal about it. Any help would be appreciated.



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          well, one thing for sure if i am not mistaken, is that you need to have all the original files ( I am assuming AVIs) to load his project to your computer.


          second thing is that every program let you save your work in few different formats, for example I use sony vegas 9 to select my clips , once i am done with selecting the scenes that i like to use, then i save it as AIFF. Then I open that AIFF file with PPro or AE and do the rest of my work like effects and transitions and etc.


          other way around it is for him to send his final AVI (Uncompressed)  or compressed. without any effect or transition then you can do the actual editing .


          that's what I did once , I send one of my music videos without any effect , but I picked the scenes and he did all the work !!