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    SWF embed Fonts

    uxk Level 1


      I came across a situation whereby playing my swf in a different computer changed all my fonts that I originally used.

      I thought while creating a swf file on the native computer, it will embed all the fonts. Is there a way that the fonts are preserved when I distribute my swf file to other computers (and to other platforms Win and Mac).

      (Am I supposed to use the "break apart" command in Flash for my fonts)

      Thank you


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          Have you tried choosing  "Anti-alias for readability" as an option

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            uxk Level 1

            I am not sure how anti-alias will help, as the fonts change completely.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you use static textfields, they generally do not need to have fonts embedded (unless, I believe, you use a generic font such as _sans)  But Flash does not support all static textfield fonts... some simply won't embed.  If you are using dynamic textfields, then you need to embed the fonts for each one of them.

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                uxk Level 1

                Yap, Just carried out this test and it worked.

                Thank you for the insightful answer, which I did not realize that the textfiled are dynamic and were not embedded.

                With static, I guess once you create it in you native computer, the fonts are automatically embedded.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Yes, normally a static textfield has the text automatically traced into the file, but not in all cases.  But when you use dynamic fonts, there is no promise that they will be found from one machine to the next, so you need to embed.  There are other cases where embedding fonts is necessary as well.  For instance, if you try to mask dynamic text, it will not appear thru the mask unless the font is embedded.  Similar story when you try to animate dynamic textfields.