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    ApplicationUpdaterUI pop-up disappear

    Jamematen Francisco

      Hi all!


      We've experience a strange issue with ApplicationUpdaterUI feature of Flex. We instantiate the object, set the configuration params and call to the initialize() method. All right, after this, we call to checkNow() method. After this, the pop-up with the update info shows only a milisecond and disappear!


      This is our code (nothing special)


              public function checkForUpdate():void { 
                  appUpdater.updateURL = Configuracion.getInstancia().getUrl();
                  appUpdater.isCheckForUpdateVisible = true;
                  appUpdater.isUnexpectedErrorVisible = true;       
                  appUpdater.isDownloadProgressVisible = true;
                  appUpdater.isDownloadUpdateVisible = true;
                  appUpdater.isFileUpdateVisible = true;
                  appUpdater.isInstallUpdateVisible = true;
                  appUpdater.addEventListener(UpdateEvent.INITIALIZED, onUpdate); // Cuando se inicialice lanzamos el proceso onUpdate
                  appUpdater.addEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, onError); // Muestra el error si lo hay.
                  appUpdater.initialize(); // Inicio del framework de actualización.           
              private function onError(event:ErrorEvent):void {


              private function onUpdate(event:UpdateEvent):void {
                  appUpdater.checkNow(); // Go check for an update now


      Someone has the same experience?. I've read in some forum that's is a MAC issue, but i'm on Windows XP...


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thanks a lot.