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    problems loading akamai plugin


      Hello,I seem to be having some difficulty getting the akamai plugin to load properly.  I am following along from Edwins example he gave at adobe max.  In this example he uses the MediaFactory and PluginManager.  I have compiled the AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf and have it and the bin-debug folder located inside my localhost running mamp. Inside my load function (being called inside a components onCreationCompete handler) is..


      mediaFactory = new MediaFactory();
      pluginManager = new PluginManager(mediaFactory);


      var akamaiPluginSWF:URLResource = new URLResource(new URL("http://localhost:8888/akamai/AkamaiBasicStreamingPlugin.swf"));


      akamaiPluginSWF.metadata.addFacet(new MediaTypeFacet(MediaType.SWF));


      pluginManager.addEventListener(PluginLoadEvent.PLUGIN_LOADED, onPluginLoaded);
      pluginManager.addEventListener(PluginLoadEvent.PLUGIN_LOAD_FAILED, loadFail);


      I keep getting full of FAIL.


      Thanks in advance!