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    Receiving FDF back: issue in e-mail subject




      I created a 22 pages PDF form in adobe Acrobat Pro 9. Each of the 22 pages is a form on its own and have a "send by e-mail" button (which I did not copy from the previous page, it is a new one on each page). I selected FDF only and did specified which fields has to be send for each page. In the URL field I wrote: mailto:xxx@canadianclub-montreal.ca?subject=réservation Gordon Coffee. The name (Gordon Coffee) is different on each form. The PDF document has been send by e-mail to my clients.


      My issue is when the form gets back to me, the subject of the e-mail (or object?...sorry I'm a French speaker) is not linked to the right page of my PDF document. For example: I receive an e-mail with Gordon Coffee (page 1) as the subject, but the form is filled for Almanda Fox (page 12).


      How can I fix that?

      Please help me!


      Thank you