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    Query is fast, but long lag before page is rendered

    kbutterly Level 1
      Good morning, all!

      I have a page that runs a query that returns 518 records. The page is taking about 9 seconds to load. I added code after the CFOUTPUT so that I could check the speed of that section and that shows me that the CFOUTPUT finishes looping over the query after 3 seconds. The CFOUTPUT block is the last code on the page; just to be sure, I added a window.defaultstatus = 'done' as the line immediately before the closing body and html tags. The status bar shows 'done' and then it takes between 5 and 6 seconds before the page renders.

      I realize that this is probably not a CF issue, maybe a browser setting? Our standard is IE 6.0, which is what I am using.

      Any ideas, war stories, resources, or references would be greatly appreciated.