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    Akamai Download Manager


      I tried several attempts at downloading my CS4 Premuim Suite from Adobe's Licensing Manager's website with no success. I got the 85% progress bar on the connection in the download manager before it just quit working all together. I then had little success at downloading the file when it gave me an error that the file I was trying to download was not available. I spoke with three different technicians on three different 30 minute phone calls and no success. The only suggestion I received was to download the trial versions from their downloads page, install the trial versions, and when I launched one of the programs to just plug in the serial number that I purchased. That all sounded great, until I tried to download the trial versions and ended up with the same issues. After talking with my on site IT manager we both came to the conclusion that there might be an issue with our firewall. We tested a download from our home computer with no firewall and it worked. Our IT manager discovered that there is a header in the file that our firewall is seeing as a bad or malicious file and it is blocking it from completing the download. So to everyone who is having the same trouble and frustration with the Adobe Download Manager, you may want to try to check your firewall settings or try downloading it to a computer that is not networked with firewall protection.