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    Automating my AE(CS4) composition workflow?

    LudaDave Level 1

      This may be a very basic process and if so I apologize in advance. I have a workflow for doing certain comps in AE. I use alot of keyframes and they are very repetative. Meaning I use alot of the same comp settings, keyframes etc in each comp BUT they do occur at different places in each individual comp timeline. I find myself working on 20-30 comps and placing the same comp settings, type of keyframes for each, thus pretty much the same process over and over (again, they do occur at different times so I can't just cut n paste keyframes from the first comp to the rest, or can I?) Is there such a thing as a comp template or something I can build/save that lays down the foundation of my comp that I can then tweak.


      I'm taking sports footage for example; football plays. I pick a spot in the footage to freeze, highlight the player, then resume play. I do a new comp for each play/piece of footage. If there were some type of template I could drop footage into that places all the same keyframes I use and then have the ability to move them around to where I need them, would be awesome. It's very time consuming to do alot of the same things over and over for each comp. Any feedback is much apreciated!