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    Combobox component - no text?


      Hi all -


      I'm a relative Flash newbie. I have CS4 on two Mac's. On one, I drop a combobox onto the stage and add some items to it, and it renders fine. On the other, I do the exact same thing, and I get the control with the proper number of dropdown slots, but no text. If I copy the SWF from the working machine to the non-working machine, it stops working. Likewise, the SWF authored on the non-working machine is fine when copied to the other machine.


      The working machine has Leopard and no other Adobe products. The non-working machine has Snow Leopard and Photoshop CS4 on it as well.


      This feels like a font problem, but the font mapper dialog doesn't show any fonts as missing and needing replacement. All of the other components I've tried (list and button) suffer the same problem.


      Anyone have any advice on how to debug this?