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    upgrade from RH6 to RH8

    SangyD Level 1

      Hello RH Experts,


      I need advice for buying the latest version of RH8. Our company upgraded from RH3 to RH6 in 2007. Now my boss wants me to find out about RH8. He is looking for two things - Context Sensitive Capability and Self Authoring capability.

      Following are the questions and concerns I have:

      1. How the above mentioned two features work in RH8?
      2. Is it safe for me to download a trial version of RH8 because on the same PC I have RH6?
      3. I had recently finished creating a Web help in RH6, what would be the process if we upgrade to RH8?
      4. How would I implement these two features to my existing help?


      Thanks so much in advance for your help,


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          RH8 has the same context senstive capabilities as your existing version.


          I am not sure what you mean by self authoring. You still have to type the topics.


          I wouldn't put the two versions on the same PC where one is a production machine. File associations will change to the new version and it would be too easy to upgrade a project, there's no way back after doing that. Better to install it on another PC and play with copies of your projects.


          When you upgrade, you simply open the project via the XPJ file, get prompted as to whether you want to upgrade the project and click Yes.


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