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    Prevent Browser refresh on F5

    Steve Howard, ACP Level 3

      I've been ased to look at a Captivate problem.


      The published Captivate movie is a swf embedded using SWFObject (1.5 I think)


      When F5 (or other function keys) are used as shortcuts in Captivate simulations, when the user presses F5 the keypress gets bubbled up to the Browser window, and the page refreshes. I need to prevent this behaviour.


      I've tested out a version of the code found here:-




      in my browser window, and it works fine while the browser window has focus, but fails to catch/prevent refresh when I press F5 when the Captivate swf has focus.


      So it looks like I need a way to prevent Flash from dispatching the F5 keypress out to the browser. How can I do this? Or is there a better way?


      Delivery is to Corporate users, locked to Internet Explorer 7.