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    Flex/AIR and Excel 2007

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      I am trying to find a Flex tool/lib to read/write Excel 2007 files (including XSLX).

      Have to do it from AIR app (would be useful with Flex apps too).


      Does anybody know whether AS3XLS lib supports XSLX format ?


      Please help !





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          olegkon Level 1

          I tried to look into details of XLSX, so created a tiny spreadsheet in Excel 2007 (size - 9KB zipped)

          and opened it in WinZip.

          It created a complex file structure with 6 directories and 12 files, mostly XMLs.

          I found that it writes data to 2 files:   :   xl/sharedStrings.xml  &  xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml


          That is a way too complex to figure out & implement without running into a lot of troubles.


          So I decided to change approach and switch to using Apache POI framework (XSSF),

          with Blaze in between.


          Can anybody suggest how to design an AIR app which can read Excel 2007 XLSX file,

          get data into a DataGrid, user updates it and saves into XLSX.

          Do I need a separate Java Servlet ?  

          Communicate AIR-servlet via HTTP ?  ByteStream ?

          I am fairly new to that...



          Thank you,


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            here you are , i have test it with adobe air and worked with me




            download the package and you will find what you want with examples