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    AIR and Excel 2007

    olegkon Level 1



      I am trying to find a Flex tool/lib to read/write Excel 2007 files (including XSLX).

      Have to do it from AIR app (would be useful with Flex apps too).


      Does anybody know whether AS3XLS lib supports XSLX format ?


      Please help !





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          Jeff Battershall Level 1

          Unfortunately, AS3XLS does not support the later Excel file formats, at

          least last time I checked and it does not appear that the project is getting

          much attention at this point.  I tried using it for an AIR project and had

          some limited success, but eventually had to abandon it in favor of a

          server-side solution (Apache POI).

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            olegkon Level 1

            I found out that XLSX is a compressed XML format.

            Here is a discussion on that (in C#, which one can connect to via Merapi, although I don't know either one):



            Probably there should be a better description on MSDN, haven't found good one yet.


            How do you deal with compressed file (read / write) in ActionScript ?


            I just need to be able to edit XLSX data (no formulas or graphs) in DataGrid in AIR file.


            Can anybody give some useful pointers ?



            Please advise.





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              olegkon Level 1

              I tried to look into details of XLSX, so created a tiny spreadsheet in Excel 2007 (size - 9KB zipped) and opened it in WinZip.

              It created a complex file structure with 6 directories and 12 files, mostly XMLs.

              I found that it writes data to 2 files:   :   xl/sharedStrings.xml  &  xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml

              That is a way too complex to figure out & implement without running into a lot of troubles.


              So I decided to change approach and switch to using Apache POI framework (XSSF), with Blaze in between.
              POI API is not too complex: http://poi.apache.org/spreadsheet/quick-guide.html


              Can anybody suggest how to architect/design an AIR app which can read Excel 2007 XLSX file (via POI),

              get data into a DataGrid, user updates it and saves into XLSX ?


              Do I need a separate Java Servlet ?


              Communicate AIR-to-servlet via HTTPService ?  FileStream ?  XML Object ?  sockets ?


              How do I read/write a file from AIR app via Java ?


              Please help !