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    Should I learn flash?

    Charles Bannister Level 2

      I'm in the first year of my degree and don't really have to spend much time studying because I've done most of it before. We learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Photoshop etc but it's not specific enough to get a decent job with.


      I want to focus my attention (and money) on learning one main thing and mastering it but aren't sure which to go for. I like using flash and love all of it's capabilites but also realise how important it could be to maybe master photoshop and look at digital art type stuff.
      Or maybe learn CSS or something like that.


      I want to maybe go in to website design, but am also interested in many other things. I mean, even if I do go in to web design, should I learn flash or should I focus my attention on photoshop and HTML?


      I'm not really an arty type, I don't want to just be a programmer I want to at least do some design.


      I want to look at how easy things are to learn, how fun it would be, if it would be useful in a few years and also the demand for it.





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          martincou Level 3

          First of all, what are you studying in ?


          Programmation or graphis Design ?


          Secondo, what would you like to do in the future (job)


          After that, it will be easier to answer ...


          PS: When you learn something new, it's never a loss of time ...

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            It really depends on what you want to do mainly when you start your career.


            Personally, I wanted to learn everything to be as valuable as possible in not only a corporate setting, but also personal projects.


            I attended Art Institute for Web Development and took classes on all the most popular platforms and applications. The list includes...






            AS 3.0



            On top of that, we learned about things like Color Theory, Design Theory and other Web Dev concepts.


            In the grand scheme of things though, what I learned in school is only a fraction of what I've learned once I graduated and started working. I continue to learn things everyday, it is pretty much endless.


            So getting to your question about Flash...


            I think it is a valuable skill set to have. I wouldn't stop at Flash though. You still need basic knowledge, if not, advanced knowledge of XHTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL because your Flash projects will most likely require those technologies to implement in real world applications.


            It's a crazy journey to say the least and every day, things get crazier with technology evolving so quickly.


            The topics I outlined above are things you want to have a strong foundation in.


            From there you can really focus on what type of work you want to do. I pretty much do a little bit of everything but like you are wondering, it does limit how far you can master one particular thing. But with time, I believe you can master most if not all of the topics.


            Hope that helps.



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              Charles Bannister Level 2

              Thanks for the speedy replies!


              Well I'm studying programming and design but it's all very general, for example we learn CSS but we only actually learnt how to format tags using CSS. I couldn't position a sliced website at the moment for example using CSS.


              As a career I'm thinking web design would be a very good idea, but even that is so diverse.


              I agree with what your saying and there is certainly no harm in me being good a at a few things, at the moment I'm OK at a few things. It's such a hard decision!



              I'm thinking flash for the following reasons:

              • I can use it with web design
              • I can create CMS with it and learn PHP etc along with it as you mentioned
              • I can maybe even go in to creating games
              • Learnin actionscript 3.0 will also mean I can use flash
              • Adobe AIR means I could be very useful
              • I could go in to animation


              Now, i'm thinking not flash because I don't know the following:

              • Do people want flash websites?
                • Not everyone has flash
                • Don't most companies just want something simple?
                • isn't it not as good with SEO?
              • Wouldn't I be better with normal web design money and demand-wise



              I've looked online and there does seem to be quite a few jobs with Flash.


              The reason im so focused on Flash by the way is i've been learning it and it's very interesting, it's amazing what it can do actually.

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                DeyBwah Level 1

                Flash is not going away and only getting more popular everyday.


                The SEO and Tracking has come a long way as well. You can expect all the disadvantages of Flash to go away in the coming years.


                And as for not everyone having Flash, I think 99% of people have it in some way, form or fashion.


                What I see a lot of is a XHTML/CSS web-site with Flash widgets placed strategically for the interactive and flashy topping.


                I would definitely learn CSS so you can slice a Photoshop doc. That's pretty much the ground zero of Web Dev.


                If you can slice a Photoshop doc into standards compliant XHTML/CSS, then you can find a job and work your way up. Although most of the slicing gets outsourced to India and China, it's still essential knowledge if you want to be a Web Developer.


                After that, you can either branch out to backend (PHP, MySQL) or frontend (JavaScript) development.


                Flash also has a backend (AS3, PHP, MySQL) and frontend (Flash ).


                You might also consider Flex, it's pretty much Flash without a time line, very useful for quick prototyping and developing interfaces and widgets.



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                  Charles Bannister Level 2

                  Right I've took everything in to consideration and...


                  I'm gonna learn flash:)


                  Like you mentioned I will also learn basic CSS slicing etc...this shouldn't take up too much time.


                  It's a good idea because as you say I will also eventually encounter PHP and MySQL which will both be invaluable.


                  I've also had a look online and there seems to be a lot of jobs around using Flash...and no doubt more will pop up in the future for both Flash & Flex.


                  Thanks for the advice fellas!

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                    DeyBwah Level 1

                    Anytime, have fun and welcome to the best industry to be in.

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                      martincou Level 3

                      When you'll learn Flash, don't forget to learn Actionscript 3 (Flash programming language).


                      I would like to suggest you a really good start for learning new technologies/software :




                      We purchase the Annual subscription (without excercices files) and it help me a lot! I learn CSS, AS3, and new features of my favorite tools this way. You can try it for free!


                      There is free videos on each titles. So before purchasing, you can see if you like it or not!

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                        Sorry, but I ave to disagree. Flash is not that great. It has serious issues with cross browser uses and many companies have firewalls that block flash content from being displayed.  Photoshop is the only thing Adobe has got that's worth the price. The upgrade from cs3 to cs4 was not worth it. Other than the UI, whats the difference? Plus you can do just as much with javascript, css and jquery as you can do with flash. Other than create annoying ad banners what is flash good for? I understand that people don't like Microsoft, but just because something is not Microsoft does not make it inherently better. Flash is still around for the simple fact that it is the defaco, not because its a great tool.