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      Hi Jim



      Can you reset my Activation count?


      Contacted Sony, discussed problem, was refered to Adobe, indicating I need to get the device removed from ADOBE I.D. because have reached the maximum number of all owed activations.

      Called Adobe, given a customer I.D. # 196 825 063 and a transacton #306 436 276. She could not help, call Tech Support and I would get the problem taken care of. Tech Support said go to support/portal but that web page is unavailable.Got on the chat line and not their problem contact Tech support.

      What is the activation count? How can I keep from it happening again? I got the Sony PRS-505 for my wif on our 48th anniversary and have not been able to put any books in it from Adobe, Sony or the library. I can get the on the computer but cannot load them into the READER.

      I would appreaciate your help!




          Jim Lester Level 4

          First Sony customer support has a direct line to Adobe for resolving activation issue (we set this up before Sony went live with their latest changes), so Sony should have been able to take care of this for you.


          Next the customer support portal is up and active (I just checked).  The easiest way to get to that is through http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and click on "Submit a web case".


          That is the only way to recieve support for Digital Editions through Adobe. If I don't see a case # submitted through that portal I have no visibility into a case (I'm not support so I don't have full access), so I don't know things like your AdobeID needed to reset your activations.


          Finally generally I will only get involved if I see both a case# and it has been open for a week or more.