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    external osmf skin


      I'm trying to learn the different methods of skinning with osmf and have a few questions.  I'm currently working from Edwins adobe max example, where he has a Chrome flex library and the library is constructed into a player project.


      Are there any other resources that will help in developing skins?  What I would like to see are more examples on how external skins can be constructed.




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          I don't think there is currently an example skin for the OSMF framework. If I recall correctly, Ryan's conenct session mentioned that they are considering a skinning example for the 1.0 release.


          There's no one right way to create a skin -- it all depends on your needs (and things like wether you're targeting the IDE, Flash Builder, or Flex -- or all of these).  One thing to keep in mind is that because of security requirements OSMF plugins must reside in the same domain as the player swf. So  you can't have a skin OSMF plugin (or any OSMF pugins) hosted separately.

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            codingNub Level 1

            There is one example from Edwins MAX presentation.  I need to look deeper into these classes to figure it out.


            import org.osmf.events.TraitsChangeEvent;
            import org.osmf.media.MediaElement;
            import org.osmf.traits.MediaTraitType;


            Is that true with osmf plugins not being able to load from different domains?  I have an example working which loads an akamai plugin from a different url than the player.  Possibly this just works for testing.

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              Edwin van Rijkom

              FYI, this sprint we're adding a 'web player' sample that features its own control bar. The code is likely to still change quite a bit, but perhaps you may find it helpful already, as a sample. The sources are at:







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                codingNub Level 1

                Hi Edwin,


                This should help me out a lot.  Thank you so much!