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    Can I Hire You?


      I am interested in hiring (or partnering with) a graphic designer that has an excellent sense of color and who is familiar with wordpress CSS stylesheets.


      I use a lot of the popular wordpress theme frameworks like StudioPress, AgentPress, FrugalThemes, and Thesis. These themes often come with none, 1, or 2 color palattes - often a black, blue or grey - and contain the images and CSS stylesheet associated with that color palatte.


      I know from trial and error with many clients that we lack a good sense of color so as soon as we start trying to change the colors of the images (background, header, navbar rollovers, etc...) and Headline, body text, Sidebar headline and background colors - we screw them up. And, as you know - tiny color differences - make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the website.


      I am interested in working with one or more graphic designers to create color palattes for each of 15 different Wordpress theme frameworks and then use them with my own clients and sell them as add-on packages to these themes. Each theme would have between 3-10 color palattes with images and CSS stylesheet changes for each of these. (I can change the stylesheets but need to be told what color each element should be.)


      Anyway, there's probably 40,000 people using these themes, and I figure that I can sell 500 of these packages pretty easily for around $40 each which is $20,000.


      My guess is that 1 Theme palatte takes about 1 hour at most and say we're talking about 10 themes * 10 color palattes for each so 100 hours of work maximum, maybe as little as 50 - phased in of course.


      I could just hire someone and keep all the money, but I enjoy partnering, could use long-term relationships with very expensive, very talented designers to less expensive, talented designers, so I'm throwing this out here. Besides, I'd guess that 50% of the people who buy are going to want to hire us for logo and other custom graphic work so it should generate some business for you.


      You can track me down at SamIngersoll dot com.  You can look at the StudioPress theme demo sites to get a good idea of what we'd customize.


      P.S. I'm trying to adapt Kulur themes to some of my designs and I can't decide things like whether the background should be the darkest color or should the lightest, etc" and am getting tired of goofing around trying to do this myself.

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          John McWade

          Hi Sam,


          Interesting request, thanks. Interesting site you have, too.


          Quick notes:


          1) I doubt I'm the one who will be able to help you. I have my hands 

          full with Before & After.

          2) One hour per palette would surprise me. I spent ALL DAY yesterday 

          on a site palette, and I'm not done yet.

          3) Your palettes will sell in direct proportion to their quality and 

          accessibility. Make them all great.

          4) I want to create an online design resource that's better than any 

          other. I'm inviting a small group of people to participate in an 

          online roundtable to brainstorm what that might look like. Would you 

          like to participate?




          John McWade

          Before & After magazine