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    FW CS3: Gradient opacity  failure

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      I'm running into an issue and not sure if it is related to Live filters or
      what. I used a default STYLE gradient on a rectangle. The 14th default
      style of a light blue to dark blue linear gradient.
      I thought the transition was too harsh so I wanted to edit the gradient,
      which I can do by moving the colors around on the line, but actually the
      "colors" are all grays in the the paint bucket fill icon.

      Anyway, when I tried to reduce the opacity to 70%, e.g., of one of the
      darker gray colors, the entire gradient disappears...

      I couldn't modify that gradient.
      Any ideas?

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          pixlor Level 4
          Hmm. The color of the style isn't set in the gradient, it's set in the Hue/Saturation filter.

          But...I see what you mean. When you try to set an opacity gradient above the color gradient, some of the color on the the rectangle disappears. I found that the Photoshop Live Effects filter on this style is setting a black line at 18% opacity and that overrides the gradient opacity. If you delete or uncheck this filter then your opacity gradient should work okay. Seems to for me, anyway.
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            it was of great help for me. the problem is almost solved. i would appreciate more help. thanks for that.