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      OK, I got two questions, both have to do with a slideshow i am making.

      First, I am trying to make the pictures spin in. A spin on the Y axis, so I made the picture a 3D layer, but when I did this the whole background went black and i can only see the picture. and when I make all the layers a 3d layer, it cuts two of my pictures in half. should i render the background and then just add the pictures on top of it?


      Second question: How do i make the pictures look like they are falling? like you looking down on a table and you dropping the pictures face up.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, it's not that simple. First off, what you see is correct.


          a) Your images get cut, because they are all in the same place and intersect with each other.

          b) They are all visible to begin with, because you didn't trim them/ move them to the correct place in time.

          c) AE's composition background is always transparent and the default fill color is black.


          a) and b) can easily be fixed, obviously. Just move the images in the correct spots and adjust their in- and out-points. c) is entirely your choice - there is no problem having more layers in your comp and AE can handle a mix of 3D and 2D layers without issues, so you can insert backgrounds as 2D if need be.


          Getting that physical feel is another topic, but also easily managable. You are just going to need keyframes that mimic the physics. There is no automated way to do it. animate one layer, then copy&paste the keyframes to the other layers and adjust their timing and values to get the stacking. If that's all over your head and you need get finished till Christmas, buy it. You can find prefab projects on istock or re-rendered and only would need to replace the photos.



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            ElJosh Level 1

            Hey, thanks for there help, and where do I ajust the in and out points at?


            Ps. Nevermind about this i figured it out. Thanks man.