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    CS4 update fails - after effects cannot update

    Hamish Boyd Level 1

      I've only just discovered this problem as I hadn't been paying attention to the version numbers.

      But I cannot update after effects and a couple of others apps in my CS4 suite.


      I have just re-installed CS4 and immediately ran the updates again, it all appears to go smoothly. No problem. But when I next open after effects no upgrade has happened. Still stuck on the original version number. My laptop has updated CS4 apps fine. But my macpro cannot upgrade at all.


      Macpro Specs (from memory as I'm at home)

      5gig ram

      Latest leopard update (not snow leopard)

      Blackmagic HD extreme card



      Any ideas?


      Oh and a real curve ball.....

      From going back and re-installing CS4 I have discovered that it has been CS4 that had corrupted DVD Player app. A problem I've been wrestling with since upgrading to leopard. Basically if I opened it, the whole computer would freeze.. not even the mouse would work. But since I uninstalled CS4, DVD player sprang back to life.


      I'm all out of ideas.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The update failures in most cases depend on one Adobe app locking the installer database. This can be caused by incompatible packages, e.g. a critical package is overwritten a new version and then that new version becomes king of the hill so otehrs can't access it and never update. Similarly, Beta software can cause this. To cut a long story short: Uninstall each and every bit Adobe (including AIR, Acrobat etc.), run the CS4 Clean Script, then delete the caps.db in Library:Application Support:Adobe:caps. Never let the apps update automatically, but rather download the manual updaters from the Adobe site and apply them, making sure tha apps that are most critical for you get updated first.



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            Hamish Boyd Level 1

            Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, I'll let you know how it goes. At a shoot today but hopefully in the next few days I'll get a few hours to give it another go.


            So to unistall everything adobe, should literally manually rummage around for any folder that says Adobe in my operating system and delete them?

            I noticed when I used the unistaller before some folders were left.

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              Hamish Boyd Level 1

              Ok after a few false starts (my fault) I have got back and running all thanks to your advice!


              Big big thank you for helping out.