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    dw.getBehaviorTag error message

      I have a page that uses Dreamweaver's repeating editable region to allow our client to create multiple copies of a fairly complicated container inside the body content. When we tested it, however, we discovered a strange error in Contribute. Upon editing the page and clicking the "+" icon to create a new instance of the repeating region, this error popped up:

      While executing onLoad in Swap Image.htm, the following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

      At line 303 of file "C:\Program Files\Adobe]Adobe Contribute CS3\Configuration\Behaviors\Actions\Swap Image.js";
      TypeError: dw.getBehaviorTag is not a function

      The page is using image swap behaviors for the navigation. We have to click OK on this error maybe a dozen times before it disappears and the page comes up again. The repeating region does create a new instance and nothing seems to be broken. We really don't want to deliver it to the client this way. Does anyone know what this is and/or how to beat it? I have found absolutely nothing on the internet.