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    Flex 3 / Fireworks CS4 skinning - am I missing something?


      The exported SWC files from Flash completely fail to work when I'm importing skin artwork into Flex, so I resorted to Fireworks.


      However, on exporting a Panel skin from Fireworks and importing the skin artwork into Flex Builder 3, the definition of the text area and control bar area are completely lost. If I simply have a regular panel, and add <mx:Text text="Something"> it appears in the white area of a standard panel, and the ControlBar appears perfectly fine.


      If I apply a custom skin via a CSS definition, the text is jammed up in the top left and the whole thing just falls to pieces.


      Maybe I am missing something simple... as this skinning process is failing miserably for me.


      If anyone has any ideas of (a) how to get the text area to work in a Panel custom skin from Fireworks or (b) get a custom ControlBar to show up in any shape or form, I'd be grateful for pointers.