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    Importing files

      I have created a seed file with all of the fonts and editing features created. Our thought was to create the seed file and then just import any screen captures to it so all of our setting would stay the same. But when trying to import the files, I follow the instructions to a "t", and it looks like it is bringing them in, but nothing happens. I select copy slide and objects....nothing, I select objects....nothing. So to get my project started I actually had to copy a slide at a time into my seed file.

      I know there is some setting or something that I am doing wrong, but I truly can't see what it is. I will provide my firstborn if you can help me with this problem.

      jbartee (and let's not tell my son he is up for sale)
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hello again jbartee

          You probably don't realize it, but what you are describing is exactly the way a Captivate Template is intended to work. So you might try this approach. Take your "seed" project and save it as a Template. (File > Save As... and ensuring that you click the drop down and choose Template.

          To use the template, click File > Record/Create > New Project and choose the "Other" category and finally "Create Project From Template". This should open your template in much the same manner as you are doing now. The difference is that Captivate assumes you are intending to add to it. So clicking File > Save results in the Save As dialog appearing.

          Give that a shot and let us know if or how well it works.

          Cheers... Rick
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            jbartee Level 1
            Rick, Rick, Rick....what would we do without you. That was what I was doing wrong. So I created the template and then I will have my team bring it in as they are recording their new projects. That makes sense.

            Thanks so much,