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    Display request progress status with Cairngorm.

    P.o.l.a.c.o Level 1


      I need to download a dinamically server generated file. So I would like to display the download progress once the delegate class has invoked the remote service.


      One of the ways I was thinking to solve this is to create a process class that implements an interface called lets say.. "IProcess" so this interface would contain methods definitions like:


      get processPercentProgress():Number

      get processTotalSize():Number

      get processProgress():Number

      get processStatus():String //to return things like pending|inprogress|complete... and so on

      get processElapsedTime():Number


      (the class that implements this interface will be bindable)


      So the DownloadEvent (Cairngorm event subclass) will contain an instance that implements IProcess interface and both the presentation class that renders the progress and the delegate class that handles the file download will see and update this process properties.


      From my point of view this solution doesn't look so ugly, but I wonder if there is some best/common practice to do this with Cairngorm 2.


      any ideas?

      thanks in advance.