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    Premier Elements 8 won't open the second time


      After I installed Pre8 I went in, changed my preferences and created a 'dummy' project just to see how it worked. After I exited I tried to restart the program and it wouldn't open (either "New Project" or "Open Project"). The progress indicator spins and spins and then stops. Organizer opens right up. I tried all the steps in KB article 51427 with no results. I've installed the program 4 times at this point. I then used a system image I had created in Win7 to roll back my system to when it was freshly installed to avoid conflicts with other programs and installed Pre8 again with all the defaults. No difference. The only 'odd' thing is when I try step 5 in the troubleshooter - recreate the preferences folder - I get an error message saying that "the folder or a file in it is open in another program".  All the other steps in the troubleshooter don't help but I don't get an error message with them. At this point there are no other programs installed except for the OS itself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.