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    Premiere Elements 3.0 -- Q. about transitions




      I don't know if anyone else has the dinosaur that is Elements 3.0 (ha!) but that is what I am currently using.  I am putting together a DVD slideshow of old family photos for a Christmas present.  Does anyone know if there is a button I can click to insert random transitions between the photos automatically or do I need to manually insert each and every transition (which takes forever).


      I would really appreciate an answer to this as I'm currently working on this project.  I did try to download the trial 8.0 version but for some reason it's not working.  I'm not the best at downloading programs though so maybe my husband can help me when he gets home from work.






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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I do not know PrE 3, and can only check on PrE 4, but that might not be of help to you.


          In Photoshop Elements, there is a random Transition feature, but I do not believe that PrE has such. The closest would be to do an Instant Movie, with the Themes, and limit that to just Transitions. However, I do not know if PrE 3 has that feature, and if it does, how much control it allows over just placing Transitions.


          I hope that someone will correct me, if I am incorrect on this.


          Personally, I use PrPro for my SlideShows, and usually use only either a Cross-dissolve, or a Dip-to-Black. In that program, I just set my "Default Transition," step between Clips/stills, and hit Ctrl+D to insert the Default Transition. If I wish to change the Transition, I just change the Default.I find that most other Transitions are rather distractions, unless I have a particular theme that I am working on.


          Sorry that I cannot offer better, or more specific help for PrE 3.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As Hunt says, this feature is not available in Premiere Elements.


            However, it is included in the slideshow creator in the Photoshop Elements Organizer. Slideshows created here can then be ported to a Premiere Elements project.

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              rebeccahgp Level 1

              Thank you, both.  I read your answers and decided

              to try to make the slideshow using PSE 5.0 and exporting it into premiere to make the DVD.  So far I'm loving using PSE as it

              has the random transitions built it, but another question has come up which I'll post in the PSE forum.


              Thanks for your help!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Good luck with your SlideShows. Many users love the PSE function, and then do their finalization, adding AV files, Titles and the like, in PrE.


                Should you get to the point where you want even more, ProShow has two programs, Gold and Producer, that are designed specifically for SlideShows. I still do most of my work in PrPro (PrE's "big brother"), but am researching ProShow Producer. All I need to do is justify the purchase (and learning curve) based on my clients' needs.


                Happy Editing,