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    VERY slow form load on ONE laptop


      Background:  We have a developed application from a software vendor that uses Adobe Reader 7 for the forms.  We have about 50 PCs and laptops that run this application.


      Problem:  ONE of these laptops starts off the day loading these forms ok, but after a short time, 30 min. to an hour of use, it CRAWLS when it loads the form.  We're talking a few seconds or less than a second at the beginning of the day to MINUTES later on.  Have reported it to the software company - but they don't have an idea.  We have tried Deleting Cookies and Deleting Temporary Internet Files.  Also, reorged the hard drive and found some bad clusters.  Didn't seem to help.  Have already reloaded Adobe Reader once, but probably looking at doing it again.    Other stuff, like MS Word, e-mail, Internet Explorer, etc. seems to NOT have a problem


      Question:  Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this problem and how do we fix it?