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    Mark as Read

    turk fivecoats

      PE3 allowed me to right-click a video clip and "mark as read"  but 8 doesn't appear to have that option.  I'm editing surveillance video which is HOURS Of staring at the same shot, so it's very diff to tell where the clips should fit in, and I don't want to have to open each one 100x to make sure I haven't already dropped it on the time line.  Any suggestions for marking used clips?


      I have a LOT of issues w/ how this software works...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, I do not know if PrE 8 has such a function. In PrPro, one has adjustable columns in Project Panel. I set these to show Video & Audio Usage, so I know what has been used.


          With PrE, there is both the Project Panel, and also the Organize Panel. I'd guess that there is a way to perhaps mark a Clip as used, if it does not show automatically. However, that is a function that I do not use, so do not know its power, or capabilities. Perhaps it has something like the PrPro Project Panel's Columns? That would give you an indicator of which Assets have been used already.


          Good luck, and I'll be monitoring this thread to learn something new.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            In the Project Panel in PrE 4 (I know you have PrE 8), the first column is Used, and will show a checkmark. In PrPro, you get the number of times used. Have you looked in the Project Panel/tab in PrE 8?


            Good luck,



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Also in the Project Panel, you have another Column, Video Usage, which increments by usage, just like PrPro. Also, you can drag the Columns to arrange them. In PrPro, you have to open the Options flyout, and do this from a dialog box.


              Now, depending on your display, you may have to scroll laterally to see all of the Columns.


              Good luck,



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                -Subbi Adobe Employee

                Hello there,

                You still have the "Used" clip feature in the Project view.
                If i have 50 clips in the Project view and i have randomly picked some and dragged them to the timeline, these clips are marked as used in the Project view with a Green Tick mark


                Please check this and get back. You also said "I have a LOT of issues w/ how this software works...". If you can list your issues one by one, there is a lot of Help in the forum that would help you sail through.


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                  turk fivecoats Level 1

                  yup, the USED has been a big help. Thanks.


                  Another major problem is the naming syntax.  The program applies apparently useless names when I download the .avi clips.  If I call my file Joe, my clips might be Joe1.avi or Joe1 10 2 11 3.avi.  Since I'm doing surveillance footage, the clips are sometimes, literally, 100 clips of a nearly identical view.  W/ the naming syntax going this way, I really can't tell which clips are which.


                  When I open the program, the splash screen offers "Open Project" and "New Project."  If I choose OPEN, I STILL have to navigate from the FILE menu and find the project.  Why?


                  When I open a new project, the program seems to populate the  .avi files from previous projects, so in addition to fumbling w/ the clips I DO want, I have to sort out clips from a totally different case.


                  As I'm editing, NOWHERE does it tell me the file I'm working on/the name I've saved the project as.  Like a windows program has the blue bar at the top w/ the title of my document, APE 3 did the same...8 does not.


                  just a sampling....i just bought the Dummies book, so hopefully I'll be able to figure some more things out on my own.





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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    The trick, Turk, is to learn to work with the program instead of fighting it. There are solutions or simple workarounds to most of your issues available.


                    For instance, although you can't see the name of the project you're working on at the top of the interface in current versions of the software, you can see the name of the project you're working on as a pop-up simply by hovering your mouse over the PRE logo in the upper left of the interface.


                    And, while the Dummies book is a nice, general look at the program, those books by that Steve Grisetti chap (who hosts this forum and is here helping people out and offering advice several hours every day) are much more thorough, offer many more tips and tricks and go much deeper into the program.