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    Embedded font fails on Mac

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      Okay, I'm working on PC primarily (MX04), but I needed to make a Mac
      projector of this project to show to somebody. Just about everything works,
      with one exception. An embedded font I'm using extensively doesn't work at
      all on the Mac, I just get a bunch of rectangles. I know it works fine on
      PCs that don't have the font installed, so it's definitely using the
      embedded version. I don't have a Mac version of this font, and I'm not sure
      if I can find one. Is there any other way to make this thing work properly
      on the Mac? (Short of changing the font of every single text member that
      uses it - that would be a lot of work, and I don't know if I could find
      another one that works as well.) I thought it might've been an Xtras issue,
      but if the Mac version were complaining about missing Xtras, there's a bunch
      of other stuff that I'd assume would also not work, but I encountered no
      other problems. It's also not having a problem with text displayed in other
      fonts. (I have a bunch of stuff just using Arial, but then the Mac probably
      has that installed already, or it's smart enough to use nearly-identical
      Helvetica instead or something.) I don't have a Mac version of Director, so
      I can't test anything out there. (And I also don't have the Mac Xtras to
      try out.) Any clues how to solve this?

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          Delete the font then re-embed it. making sure to keep the name
          identical. Sometimes that helps.

          If you do end up going the route of choosing a new font, it is not hard
          to write a script that will go through all your #text, #field, etc
          members and switch the font for you automatically. In fact, I wrote one
          similar that is up on www.mediamacros.com and I am pretty sure Josh
          Chunick wrote an even better version that is up there as well.