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    Premiere Elements 8 crashes when selecting the edit option

    rvandergraaf Level 1

      Hi to you all,


      I just installed Premiere Elements 8 on my new system.

      It is a Intel i5 + 4 GB mem, GTS250 and 400 GB of free disk space.

      OS is WIndows 7 64 bits. The system is completely up-to-date with patches, fixes and so on.

      BIOS, Drivers etc. All to the latest.


      Starting PE8, no problem

      Getting the film from my sony DV on to the disk, no problem.

      Disc menu: no problem


      Then when I want to add transitions or titles via the edit menu, Premiere elements 8 crashes. It is not responding anymore and windows is looking for a solution.

      I followed the hints and tips on this forum on crashing Elements 8. No help. Quicktime to the latest. ended processes. All no help.

      I also started PE8 in WIndows XP SP3 mode. Same problem.


      Could it be the 64 bits?

      Any help would be appriciated.



      The Netherlands