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    Missing Topics - where and how to fix


      Using TCS2 (RH


      I ran a report b/c I was looking for information about updating map files/IDs in RH (which I didn't find, so this is about something else). Under the MISSING TOPICS tab, I see that I have 26 missing topics. I have no idea why. I am importing files from FM (by reference) into RH and none of my bookmarks seem to be broken...  What does this mean and how do I fix it?





      Missing topic 'TopicName\Subtopicname\FileName.htm#IX_Access' is referenced by the following:

      Map ID references:

      Markername_IX_Access #1873(BSSCDefault.h)


      Thank you in advance!



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          adrianaharper Level 1

          A bit more investigation has revealed...


          I created a map last week and then yesterday I edited the files in FM, and "force updated" my RH project. While editing the FM files, I removed some chapters, therefore some IX entries and TOC entries, etc.


          Does the map not update when you update the RH files? Perhaps that is why it thinks topics are missing... when I scroll through the list of missing/broken topics, they are the changes that I made.


          For example: one of the missing topics is a link to the TOC_FAQ. I deleted that from the FM file yesterday, re-updated the FM toc, did a force update of the RH project... the TOC in RH looks fine it doesn't show the FAQ entry anymore... but the map file DOES and the report displays that entry as a missing topic.


          So is it the map file that is a problem? And if so... how can I update my mapfiles then, when I make changes in FM and update the RH project? I am a little concerned now, that this is not going to work...