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    Is Pr CS4 right for me?


      Bear with me, I am a recording musician hobbyist who is new to video & I hope I make some sense to someone here...  


      I am looking for video recording & editing software that will allow me to create a 'live' music video.


      What I don't want is to just pre record the audio track, import it into the video processing software, and then 'lip sync' the video parts of me singing/playing guitar/playing bass/lead guitar/drums etc... along to the pre recorded audio track.


      What I do want is to be able to record the video & audio of me singing and playing guitar as the first "track" , then I need to be able to listen to that track and record a second track of me playing a second guitar part along and in sync with the first track. Then I need to be able to listen to those two tracks and record a third track of me singing harmony in sync with the first two. and so on.


      Basically a recording studio with video where I can create a finished product of split screen video and layered multiple audio tracks that make it look and sound like a full band when really its only me.


      Is this idea even possible or feasible? Maybe its just easier to pre record and mix the audio into one track, lip sync the video parts and then end up with essentially the same finished end product.


      Additionally, I dont need this to be MTV quality stuff, just for my own enjoyment and to put up on youtube/facebook etc.


      Your thoughts and advice are appreciated!