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    File size and download speeds for smooth motion?

    birdy num-num Level 1

      Hello Fellow Flashers,


      I recently posted my first online Flash photo gallery.  It flows perfectly when viewing on my desktop using a Flash Player, however, when viewed online it can look "jerky" and stutter in spots.  This doesn't happen every time.  One friend said it flows smoothly and another noticed that it stutters.  On my own broadband connection it does both.  One day it flows smoothly and another time it stutters and jerks.

      Any suggestions on how to ensure smooth animations?  The frames per second on the .fla files are set at 18.  Would bumping it up to 24 fps help?  But that would increase file size, yes?  Maybe there's not much I can do and I'm at the mercy of download speeds and web traffic?


      Here's a link to the gallery. http://www.steveforney.com/flash/sierra_gallery.html   It's a total of 4 swf files.


      As always, your feedback is appreciated, and one day I plan to be good enough to help Flash newbies on this forum.



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          carl schooff Level 3

          i noticed that the transition between the main menu and each gallery stuttered in the middle the first time I visited each gallery. After I had viewed a gallery I could return to it and the animation was fine. So it seems once the gallery is cached, it runs well?


          I'm guessing that you are calling a loadMovie as soon as the transition starts and it isn't fully loaded and the timeline is trying to tween it. flash is choking as it is waiting for the gallery to "be there" before it can fade it in or do whatever is happening.


          The only way to assure smooth playback (if my assumptions are correct) is use code that loads the external swf, tracks the progess and waits until the swf is fully loaded before your transition occurs.


          This will probably put a pretty big monkey wrench into your current setup. don't know what version of ActionScript you are using but start by looking into

          moviecliploader tutorials:



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            birdy num-num Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  I'm not using  loadMovie, but a URLRequest instead. Below you'll find the code.  It's all using .swf files and it's very basic. Perhaps you'll see a more efficent way of using Actionscript?


            Thanks for sending that link, too.  I still have on my Actionscript training wheels, but they'll be coming off soon!