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    anchor points appear when line color changes


      Hi All


      I develop many illustrations in Matlab and AutoCAD then export them to PDF files.

      I have always been able to import those into Illustrator to change line widths and colors.... add text... etc.

      I have now moved to Illustrator CS4 and find that when I change a colored line color to black (for a patent illustration)

      I suddenly have small square black boxes surrounding each anchor point on a piecewise smooth curve.

      There are thousands of them.

      I can change the color of one segment at a time without the boxes appearing... but there are thousands of segments.

      I can delete the little boxes too. If I get in very close it will say "anchor" and I can delete it. This is very tedious.

      This never happened before. It is slowing me down. I have to go back and recreate the lines without color in the original applications.

      Is there some switch or preference set somewhere that causes them to appear.

      The illustration reads in perfectly... until I select many segments and try to change their width or color.



      I have attached a PDF of a small part of the drawing

      Converting to .AI and back doesn't change the situation



      I hate to call India for a problem like this.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Looks like there are small filled boxes at the origins (?) of your lines created by MatLab. To view them, Zoom in to 3200% and do a Cmd(Ctrl)-y. You will notice the small boxes that are at the end (or start) of all your lines. You will have to use Select>Same>Fill Color after Direct Selecting one of the boxes of each color and delete them. Then you should be good to go.

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            tenthwave Level 1

            your suggestion was enough to fix the problem


            I had never needed to use Ctrl-Y in all my years... or the selection mechanism for that matter.
            I don't know what has changed for this problem to show up now... perhaps Matlab or CS4 or Vista 64-bit... this is something like medicine.

            First cure the patient... you may never have time to find the root cause.


            When I did the Ctrl-Y there were indeed little boxes near the intersections of all of the PDF line segments from Matlab (and AutoCAD and Zemax)

            When I changed the stroke weight of everything in the figure their stroke weight changed too making them visible.

            It was actually quite hard to select one of the boxes but when I did your technique worked to delete them leaving only the line segments.

            It was easier, in this case, to select any one of the small line segments of a given color, then use Select-Same_Stroke Color to get all of them

            and change only the line segments to black. The boxes, in this case, remained invisible... at least at a normal magnification.


            Thanks Superman!


            seriously... the Forum has often proven more useful than trying support.

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              shunithD Level 3

              tenthwave wrote:

              seriously... the Forum has often proven more useful than trying support.

              Well known fact