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    ESRIA Dashboard component customization Issue. Please Help.




      We are using the esria's dashboard component.(Source- http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/devnet/dashboard/srcview/index.html)

      We made the following changes to the existing dashboard.

      1) Minimize - When minimize button is pressed, instead of sitting at the bottem of the dashboard, the pod will remain at its original place but will collapse its height and display only the titlebar. Empty space will be visible below the titilebar.

      2) Custom Sizes - A pod can have
          a) Default size
          b) Twice the width of default size
          c) Thrice the width of default size
          d) Half the height of the default size.

      The idea/requirement is -

        a) When a pod is minimized (collapsed to the height of the title bar in the same place),any other pods which are directly below the pod in the same column should move up occupying the space created by the minimized pod. This should happen for all the sizes of the pods, provided there is a pod in the same column which is of the same or lesser width.


      I have attached a diagram which will depeict the sitation. We are trying to find some logic to do this but were unable to.. Can anybody help us ? This is crucial for us and is so important...:( Atleast a high level direction will help us. Are there any components out on the web which has the same functionality ? Please let me know. Appreciate your time! Thanks.

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          The short answer is, just extend the Pod and PodLayoutManager classes to support these new view states. The long answer, would be to code it for you...


          Are you looking for someone to code it for you? If not, what specific issues did you run into when trying to extend these classes?




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            Venky038 Level 1

            Hello Phillip,


            Thanks for taking time to answer my issue.


            We are able to extend the pod to support the different states that we want (collapse, maximize width, minimize height etc..), but we are running in to problems while readjusting all the pods in the dashboard after a pod is either collapsed or re-sized.


            For Example.


                 Imagine a situation where you have two widgets occupying entire first row. (each having 1/2 width of the dashboard).

                 Four widgets occupying the second row

                 That is, below the widget (1,1) we will have two widgets of half the width (2,1) and (2,2) .


            When I collapse the 1 widget in row,column (1,1) , first two widgets in row 2 which are directly below widget (1,1) should move above and when i expand the widget then they should be pushed below.  As depicted in picture... This is a simple situation, but we might have many widget in different sizes and when I collpase or change the size of any widget in the dashboard the logic should handle the layout of the rest of the widgets. We are not able to get that..Will you be able to help me by sharing some code snippets for this ? ...if you don't have time to code, atleast can you give me a high level outline ?? Appreciate your help on this one...

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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6


              Can't solve your immediate problem, but thought this might be of interest.


              I created a tutorial on converting the Adobe Flex 3 example Dashboard application to Flex 4.


              The tutorial is here:




              There are links to the tutorial PDF, the converted applicaton, and the source code.


              Hope this helps someone.